Share Your Story, Release Yourself... and Empower Others While Doing It!

We are all on a journey. Some appear to make it through life unscathed. Most of us have been through hell, but we've never told anyone.


Maybe we haven't shared our story because we didn't think others would care. 

Or, maybe we don't feel worthy of having others take the time to listen.

I used to think that too. And I now know that I was wrong.

Our lives are self-written novels.  The first chapter begins with our birth and the last chapter ends when we say we're done.

As survivors, we choose our path.  We choose when we've achieved victory.

We choose to keep moving forward, no matter how challenging it can be.

We know others who appear to have everything also struggle.  We're more in-tune with that reality.  We're stronger and we're here to support them and others like us.

We know our own truth, and we are not afraid of it.  We're not afraid to share it.  No matter how flawed we are.  Because we are all flawed.

We are no longer ashamed of what has happened to us. 

We are proud that we've mostly learned to cope and contain our demons.

We're ready to share our truth with others in hopes that what we share will not only continue to release our own personal inner loathing but also help empower others to do the same.

We Are Warriors!

We Are The Survivors

This is Our Place.

To Hell with the Haters, Abusers, Non-Believers, and Oppressors!

We Are Now, and Forever, In Control of Our Lives!